Tim O'Donnell, in a New York City yellow cab, ready to take
on the world after a twenty hour editing session of "Rules".

Tim O'Donnell

An Illinois-born Kennedy era love child of the '60's, Tim kicked around at odd jobs ("flipped a lot of burgers in my day") until the mid '80's when he finally got a life and headed for college.

In 1987, saturated with life in the Midwest, he moved to Georgia and even picked up somewhat of a Southern drawl. After about eight years working in print production and digital media, he stumbled into a class in AVID Media Composer editing. His eyes popped, he jumped headlong into editing as a career, and he hasn't looked back (or, for that matter, been seen socially) since.

Currently working out of Atlanta, Tim has traveled throughout the upper 48, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, New York and London on location editing assignments over the past two years."RULES" is his first feature film credit. 


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 email: tim@marvera.com