Juan Enrique Martínez as Tito Gonzalez, tries to humor his girlfriend Emily.


"Me in sixty years."

(Tito holds up a photograph of his grandfather. Emily looks up at Tito and the picture and says nothing.)



Andy Hamrick as Eddie Gardner pretends to be more interested in television than his date.


"To watch a movie. And it's about to start so you might want to pay attention. It's a short so you really need to see everything to get it."

(Carmen looks at Eddie. Eddie grins after a moment.)



Onahoua Rodriguez as Carmen Desarden, holds back her tears, as she tells Tito about the man she met.


"I met him about five weeks ago..., outside of the Student Union."

(Tito begins to concentrate
on what Carmen is saying. The sound of Tito's heart beat is heard getting louder as Carmen's voice begins to fade.)

Susan Elena Matus as Emily Orozco thinks about teasing her boyfriend.


"You're going to shave?"

(Emily stops putting on her make-up and looks up towards the bathroom. After a beat, she gets up and walks towards the bathroom.)

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