Onahoua Rodriguez has taken classes at the School for Film and Television, a follow up to a two year conservatory program at AMDA, where she graduated from. She was thrilled to step out and feel the real deal learning experience "Rules" brought and it will always remain cherished as her first step "down the yellow brick road."

Onahoua counts her lucky stars for the wonderful support and guidance from Meredith Folland, Andrew Hamrick and J.E.M. Jr.

Onahoua would also like to thank her family and friends for their devoted support asking nothing more than to see her live her dream, be it on stage climbing lampposts at the Belvedere Castle where she played the shrewd and knavish sprite "Puck" with the Faux-Real Theatre Company or watching an anxiously awaited sneak preview for something done "against the rules."

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a preview of "Rules"